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October 18, 2023

“Selling Kabul” is by no small margin the most powerful piece of theater I’ve seen on an Upper Valley stage. The performance I attended... was as taut as a thriller, but with the warmth and depth of feeling of a family drama. 

As written and performed, “Selling Kabul” belongs to Afiya, and Hana Chamoun plays her with the mixture of steel and heart the role requires... Chamoun makes visible both the strain on Afiya and her strength."

October 17, 2023

"The performances are intense and masterful. The actors let us read the characters' deepest intentions while maintaining placid surfaces to hide what burns below. Hana Chamoun, as Afiya, uses silence to show a character exhausted with worry, trying to keep her brother safe by sending him away forever. Chamoun establishes the character's moral authority by expressing the terrible weight of it."

October 16, 2023

"The Northern Stage production, directed by Evren Odcikin, begins like a gentle sitcom of brother-sister squabbles and, in its intermission-less 100 minutes, morphs into a desperately taut thriller. Yet its tragedy is visited by beautiful human tenderness. As Afiya, Hana Chamoun anchors the cast, mothering Taroon, sistering Leyla and supporting her frustrated husband Jawid. Simultaneously, Chamoun subtly allows the cracks in Afiya’s confidence to peek out."

March 25, 2021

"Daughter of celebrated Lebanese filmmaker Jean Khalil Chamoun and Palestinian filmmaker Mai Masri, you can say acting for Chamoun is a family affair. She made her feature film debut at the age of five in her father’s 2000 film In The Shadows of the City. Fifteen years later, she had her second major film role 3000 Nights, directed by her mother. She also starred in the Netflix Arabic Original series Jinn (2018) and the sci-fi series Medinah (2017)."

April 24, 2018

"Salam is the type of film you go to a festival to see. Writer/director Claire Fowler’s short film is layered in both its storyline and characters. With a stellar performance by Hana Chamoun, this film is worthy of a conversation after the lights come up."

November 4, 2016

"Hana Chamoun, a talented Lebanese-Palestinian actress, was in Rochester on September 18, 2016 to talk about 3000 Nights after it screened. Moderating the discussion was Linc Spaulding from Witness Palestine Rochester. This heart-rending and amazing feature film opened the Witness Palestine Film Series at The Little Theatre."

May 6, 2018

"Ms. Chamoun is the daughter of an American/Palestinian mother and  Lebanese father.  She and Ms. Bibb are cast as mirror opposites. Claire Fowler’s credits—camera, editing, production design, sound recording, music—all tuck together into a perfect jewel of a short."

April 24, 2018

Video review

April 21, 2018

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